From Stories to Shelves: A Resource for Querying Writers

Querying for a manuscript is already a struggle, so I’m sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned to guide you on your writing journey.

Where it all begins

From humble outlines scribbled on the pages of your notebook, to actual best-sellers you can hold in your hands, discover the trials and triumphs of being traditionally published.

Querying is like knocking on an agent’s door and asking them to take your story (pretty please).

Finding your literary agent is like combing through endless racks of awesome coats.

There are other writers like you, clamoring for the editor’s attention, hoping to get early reads.

The story of my story

For 3 years, I have been querying with a Contemporary YA . That’s before I finally switched gears and found where I write best: Middle Grade fantasy, and now I finally get to debut with a Filipino folklore-inspired adventure, MARIKIT.

Social media events to follow:

Held annually on Twitter, writers tweet their pitches on a scheduled date, paired with the event’s hashtag so that agents and editors can ❤️ their stories. Writers in turn can submit their queries to the agents and publishers who engaged with their tweets.

See: DVpit, Pitmad, SFFpit, PBpitch

Each year, volunteer-led writing programs enlist a group of mentors made up of authors, agents, and writers to guide handpicked mentees and prep their manuscript and query packet ready for submitting.

See: Pitch Wars, Author Mentor Match, RevPit, Avengers of Colour

Writers need not be alone. If you’re on social media, join the ever-busy writing community by adding to the discussion, diving into book chats, and learn the latest book news by keeping tabs on these hashtags.

See: #writingcommunity, #booktwt, #amquerying, #filtheshelves

Useful Websites

A free writing program designed to help writers track their progress

A database of wishlists editors and agents specifically want in their inbox

A growing directory of BIPOC literary agents open to representing new clients

Find literary agents and track the status of your queries, all in one place.

Book reviews, trending reads, and the latest news in publishing.

A digital library of books in all genres, helping readers track their goals


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